African American Black History Club

Jana Hofmann

Have you heard of Jean Michel Basquiat? He was of Haitian and Puerto Rican descent who incorporated Black art, music, poetry and tradition to reflect Black experience against white supremacy in the 1980’s. Although he tragically died on August 12, 1988, he left his imprint on the world because he influences artists to incorporate his commentaries on racism in their own art. In fact, his influence was so strong that he didn’t just inspire the fine arts but music as well. Jay-Z references Basquiat in the song “Picasso Baby” because he can relate to Basquiat’s rags to riches story. If this story intrigues you, you should come to the African American Black History Club to learn more about him and other influential African Americans.

The African American Black History Club is sponsored by Mr. Ferguson, a Palmer history teacher who has been running the club for three years. They meet every Tuesday in room 220 for lunch and talk about many different black history topics such as black artists, athletes and musicians. The African American Black History Club started with Mya Means and Calyna Garcia, who are both seniors. The two of them asked if there was a black history class when they were creating their schedules their freshman year. Although there wasn’t a class specifically for black history, they were given an opportunity to make an African American Black History Club. This club really gives students opportunities to dig deeper into black culture, important people and events. All are welcome!