Preparing Yourself for Finals

Hey, Terrors! As finals week approaches here are a few things you can do to prepare.

The first thing you will want to do is figure out what content you need to study. Each class will have different expectations for their exams and it will be helpful to understand how to distribute the workload. Some classes may require you to remember certain information from the entire semester while some may be specific to a unit.  Other classes may not have a final in the first place because the final is project-based. It is important that you communicate with your teachers so that you know what you need to do if it’s unclear. After you have established what you need to get done, you will want to study for each final in ways that are helpful to you.

One important technique is figuring out the way you learn best. Some people may be visual learners while others would rather listen to learn. After figuring out which way you learn best, you will know the best way to study. After this, you may want to establish a schedule to block out time you can use to study. With this schedule, you can use what you learned about the different demands in different classes to figure out what you need to study most. Your environment is a very important part of studying so make sure you are in a quiet place without many distractions. Some people may want to study with others so if that is the case find some friends and go over things together. Most importantly, remember to not overwork yourself. The goal is to study, not stress.

The finals schedule below should be used to prepare yourself for the week.

Monday & Tuesday– Regular block days

Wednesday, Dec 15

Period 1 exam: 7:40-9:00

Period 2: 9:10-10:00

Period 3: 10:05-10:50

Lunch: 10:50-11:45

Period 4: 11:50-12:35

Period 5: 12:40-1:25

Period 6: 1:30-2:15

Period 7: 2:20-3:05

Thursday, Dec 16 – Period 2/3/4 exams

Period 2 exam: 7:40-9:00

Period 3 exam: 9:10-10:30

Period 4 exam: 10:40-12:00

Friday, Dec 17 – Period 5/6/7 exams

Period 5 exam: 7:40-9:00

Period 6 exam: 9:10-10:30

Period 7 exam: 10:40-12:00