(A Belated) Horrifying Holiday

Boscoe Slann

The Christmas season has passed, but there’s still room to share these movies. After all, the slasher genre got big just from a Christmas movie. That’s right, slasher films do come from a holiday nobody would’ve thought of when thinking of the origin. Spoilers ahead.

Jack Frost is a b-movie released in 1997, directed by Michael Cooney. This one is probably the dumbest one here, but it’s a fun movie to watch, even if it’s awful. The reason it’s being covered is how it got a cult following, even for a direct to video release. After crashing a prison bus into a genetics truck, serial killer Jack Frost is fused with the snow after being exposed to the chemicals inside. Afterwards, it follows the Sheriff that arrested him, Sam Tiler.  Even after the news reports he’s still suspicious of Jack, since he had threatened vengeance. Overall, it’s a really weird movie, but you should check it out if you wanna know where it goes. If you want to check it out, it’s on Amazon Prime and Shudder.

Since it’s the Christmas season, there’s a lot of horror movies with Santa/people dressed as Santa Claus. That’s why we’ll look at Silent Night, Deadly Night. Silent Night, Deadly Night is a movie directed by Charles Sellier, being released in 1984. A little boy, Billy, and his family are on a trip to go visit their grandpa at a mental hospital. While at the visit, the grandfather tells Billy to be scared of Santa, because he’ll punish him for being naughty. In a twisted change of fate, his parents are murdered by a criminal dressed as Santa. A few years later, Billy and his little brother live in an orphanage ran by nuns, with an extremely abusive Mother Superior (essentially the woman who runs it). Four years later, he’s finally turned 18. Now he’s on his way to go to work at a toy store, moving crates around. Now, it’s closer to Christmas again. He’s forced to wear a Santa costume for work. Later in the night, during a Christmas party, he sees someone trying to sexually assault someone. That someone is his co-worker, Pamela, who he has a crush on. It all goes south from there. This movie is fantastic, even if it’s a little cheesy. It’s a really fun watch though, so if you want to check it out it’s on Tubi TV or Amazon Prime.

Black Christmas is a 1974 film directed by Bob Clark. This movie is EXTREMELY important to the slasher sub-genre of horror, even if it wasn’t the first slasher. But when this movie was released, it inspired Halloween, which inspired Friday the 13th, and it just goes on and on from there. It follows a Christmas party in a sorority house. It shows someone sneaking into the attic of the place from a first person view. While the sorority party is going on, a strange call rings out through the house. A woman picks it up, listening to the vulgar obscenities coming out of the phone. Then, someone mysteriously dies right after. To see where this leads to, check out Black Christmas on Peacock or Tubi.

After looking at these movies, I hope you can get excited for finding and watching some new and fun movies. If you’re really looking for some movies, here’s some good recommendations. If you’re looking for more traditional evil Santa stuff, you can check out Christmas Evil. If you’re interested in monsters, check out Krampus, since its the original scary Christmas story, and if you like really awful b-movies, check out The Gingerdead Man, it’s awful, but it’s not a b-movie with any of that weird “charm”. Anyways, that’s all for this. Hope everyone had a happy holidays and a great New Years.