Top 5 Spots to go to see Christmas lights

Christmas is right around the corner, and people are putting up their decorations, inside and out. Going through neighborhoods and admiring the lights is one of my favorite things to do to get me into the Christmas spirit. From Christmas lights shows to stationary lights, here are my top 5 places to go to see lights.


One place to go is the Briargate area where you can get into the spirit and shop for presents at the same time! The lights around the shops and the neighborhoods are very beautiful. Many of the houses of are decorated, and there are some light shows hidden throughout the neighborhoods. If you have younger siblings who don’t want to see flashing lights, I recommend going there and then heading north.

Palmer Lake:

Palmer Lake is a small town north of Colorado Springs, and it’s a festive town. As you are driving through, there is a big star on a hill towards the west that you could see throughout the whole town. All the houses were decorated all “Christmas-like” and it reminded me of a little elf town. There were so many pretty lights and different colors.  The trees around the lake were breathtaking.

3565 Windjammer Dr:

This house goes through a 3-song cycle. When you tune in to radio station 101.9FM, there are directions on how to enjoy the show.  There is a Christmas band made of decorations in the front and lots of other super cute and festive decorations. Steve, the architect, is collecting donations for the Ronald McDonald House and Wounded Warriors. There is a donation box under his mail box on the right side.

5906 Thurber Dr:

This whole neighborhood was super festive. The house listed was the only one that had a light show. There were lights on the ground and on the house that bounced around to the music.   There was one big tree light that sort of acted like a screen, and it had different lights for the parts of the song.

Rawhide Lane:

All the houses are decorated, and the lights move to the music on all the houses. Multiple houses came together and did a light show together. Although all the houses are decorated differently, they all go to the same song, so tune into 93.1 FM while driving down the road!

To see more lights and see if there are some close to your neighborhood, go to!