Why C Squad is Important?


C Squad athletes Playing Basketball In Small Gym

Jonah Chlebus

A lot of people think that the C Squad basketball team is with little skill and the players ” last to be picked”. They are a bunch of kids who don’t know what they are doing and throwing up a ball trying to make in the hoop. Although it can be easy to judge from the outside, C Squad basketball is one of the most important steps for a young athlete.

C Squad basketball is a team made up of mostly freshman. It is a team completely founded on opportunities. It is a bunch of young players trying to get better and have fun. C-Squad introduces new skills and techniques to players and is the first stepping stone for a young athlete on the rise. C Squad helps you with your decision making, leadership skills, and much more. Without C Squad, some young players wouldn’t reach their maximum potential. With C Squad you have the ability to work your way up and hone in your talents to then hopefully play JV and Varsity. Without C Squad, some players wouldn’t be able to make that jump.

Coach Durham, our Palmer C Squad Coach thinks it’s a place where athletes get to learn fundamentals and basics in which you will need for higher levels of basketball. He also thinks that having C Squad helps athletes play at a slower pace then be able to get used to faster paced basketball.

So, if you want to start playing basketball, High School C-Squad is the place to start. Hope to see you all support C-squad and attend their games.