Need Inspiration to Find Your Style?

Jana Hofmann

Many people may think “clothes are just clothes”, but this statement simply isn’t true. Clothes can be more than just comfy and bland but fashionable and can enhance features about you. Finding your style can make you confident and will reassure you about your beauty. Teens like to call styles or themes “aesthetics”. Aesthetic for fashion means to wear unique clothing that is pleasing to the eye. Keep in mind that you don’t have to fit into one aesthetic, and there is a reason as to why there is so many out there for you to try!

To gain a sense of what your aesthetic is, you need to find inspiration. There are many apps that can help guide you. Pinterest is a great app to help you find and pin outfits that you like. You can also make mood boards or lists to easily access your pins and keep them organized. Next step is to locate where you can buy a few aspects of some of the outfits that you have pinned. After buying a few elements from your pinned outfits, you can then try on some outfits that look similar to them but add your own twist to it. Once you have found the outfits that make you more confident, you have found your style!

In the process of finding your style, make sure your main goal is to express who you are. Not everyone will like your style, and that’s okay! The only opinion that matters is yours and only yours. Finding your style should be something to help you gain confidence and feel great about yourself. It shouldn’t make you feel like you need to be upholding the beauty standards of society. Make your style you!