Aim for the Finish Line

Jaiden Flowers

Have you ever wanted to be more active? Are you looking for a sport where you can be around friends and stay in shape? If this is the case, track is the perfect sport for you to try! Track and field is a great way to keep your body in the best shape and it keeps you away from being lazy and unproductive.

Even if running is something you’re not very good at, you can still run short distance or compete in other events like long jump or high jump. You may even be a long-distance runner who might not run fast, but is very well-conditioned. Another perk about track is that every level of athlete is welcome. There are the ones who take it very seriously and want to run in college and even run professionally. There are others who do it because they’re good at it, and then there are also the ones who just use it as a way to participate in a sport and create bonds with friends. Some of the best memories come from playing high school sports and track is such an interactive sport that there are so many fun memories that can be made. This sport allows for you to set and achieve goals that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Over the course of the season, you get to see yourself improve and in the end, hopefully see all the hard work you put in pay off. The fact that it is a team and individual sport draws in more kids because there is something for everyone.

Track and field is proven to have many health benefits. You’ll be able to maintain a healthy body weight and that is very important to your overall body strength. As we know, it can be hard for us to exercise regularly sometimes and we can find ourselves in a lazy state for a period of time. Track keeps you occupied every day of the week between having practice and meets. There’s little time to be lazy and you’re constantly getting yourself in top tier shape. Senior, Jovanny Gonzalez said, “Track is a great way to improve yourself physically and it’s a great way for you to make new friends.”

With that being said, give it some thought and don’t be afraid to try something new. The season will start on Monday, February 28th after school. We all hope to see you out on the field!