New Year’s Resolution: Are They Really Worth It?

JaLyn Castro

With New Year’s being celebrated a little over a month ago, most people are in the midst of the goals on their New Year’s resolution list. A New Year’s resolution is when you make a promise to yourself or someone else about the changes you will be doing in the new year. The most common goals for the new year are losing weight, getting organized, and learning a new skill. Often times we hear things about a New Year’s Resolution as a way to start off the year on the right track. Only 29% of Americans make them, a significant drop from 43% just a year ago. So, the question here is are they really worth doing?

There are two obvious sides to this debate of a New Years resolution. The first side being the ones not in favor of the New Years resolution. They are the ones who say you don’t need a New Year’s resolution to make goals for yourself and others don’t see the importance in making goals for the New Year. The second side are the people do make a New Year’s resolution. They say “yes” to creating a goal because it gets your thoughts in order and gives you something to work towards all year.

I have asked three students their opinion on both sides. The first two students who don’t create New Year’s resolutions are Kamden Hernandez and Jaiden Flowers. When asked what they thought of them, they both responded strongly disagreeing with the annual task. They feel you shouldn’t be making goals for yourself at the beginning of the year. You should make them all year round! Jaiden’s reasoning is that most people don’t do them in general, so why should I?. The student on the opposing side is me. I say they are important. It is good to have a goal(s) in mind for yourself and always try to work towards that.

In America, of that 29% only 8% actually accomplish the goals they made at the beginning of the year. Not all of us are goal-oriented and really do like just going with the flow and challenging ourselves only when the challenge is upon us. Although the people who create with New Year’s resolutions are outnumbered by the people who don’t, it is up to you personally if you like it enough to do it! Your success and determination is up to you and if you reach your goals without a New Year’s resolution, then you are still doing a fantastic job.