Spinning and Dutting Into 2022 Winter Season!


Calandra McLaughlin

Many people know, have seen, and heard Palmer’s Band, but did you know when band members are not marching, hyping up home games, or preparing for concerts, they have an indoor season for the band’s color guard, and percussion! Band members are practicing after-school and on some Saturdays preparing for upcoming performances.  Winter guard and indoor percussion are ecstatic for this season! Here is what these two ensembles want you to know about their upcoming shows! 

The last few years have been exceedingly difficult for band’s indoor season and performance. In 2020, due to Covid’s rapid spread, both guard and percussion seasons had been cut short. In 2021, the season was shortened with a less than two-month long season and performances were virtual. This was all while also dealing with the difficulties of COVID precautions and maintaining performer safety. Indoor percussion and winter guard have had a difficult run over the last couple of years for sure but that is not stopping them this year. When asking Mr. Ward, head director of both ensembles, what he was most excited for this season, he said “Really, I’d say just getting back to the activity! Covid took so much from the pageantry arts over the past two years. Ultimately, I am excited to see both of our groups grow into their potential and have a blast while doing it!”  

Palmer’s Band has collaborated with Mitchell High School as well as Wasson and the RJWAC campus this season to make the District 11 Indoor Performance Collaborative Group! There is a total of five staff members, three percussion instructors, one guard instructor, and the head director. Winter guard currently has ten members, and Indoor Percussion has twenty members! “These ensembles are no experience required! My team is greatly able bringing new people on board and helping them along the way!” Mr. Ward said after asking what others should know about both ensembles. Ward goes on to say to those who might be interested in joining, “All interested should stop by the band room and talk to me! I can give you the resources of where to look and dates of when to start coming by!”  

When speaking with members from both ensembles the number one thing that had been expressed was their excitement to perform. These members are ready to get out to competitions, meet other performers and hear friends, family members, and supporters cheering them on as they progress this season!  

“Find a band kid, ask them when their shows are! Or look at the website and come cheer us on!” says Mr. Ward when asking how we can support them.  As for that band website, all information on practices, upcoming performances, and locations can be found at  https://sites.google.com/view/wjpbands/announcements.  

Palmer’s Band does so much during their on and off seasons.  They appreciate community support, and most of all, they love what they do! If you are interested in joining, reach out to the Head Director, Mr. Ward, located in the band room! If you would just like to show some Palmer Terror support, check the website, or talk to a band member!  Hope to see you following along for the journey!