Senior Cabinet Elections

Jaiden Flowers, Edan Reilly

Hey Terrors! The election for the senior cabinet for the 2022-23 school year has taken place over the last week. The cabinet holds many different positions. Here’s who this year’s Junior class voted to fill student council.

The first position they voted to fill was the student body class president. Their job is to plan school activities, events, and meetings. They represent the Palmer community as a whole. Next year’s Student Body President will be Taka Montez de Oca.

The Senior Class president was the next position that was voted for. The senior class president is responsible for planning all senior events. These events include the talent show, Mr. and Mrs. Terror, senior sunrise, and powder puff. The senior class president also speaks at the commencement ceremony. Next year’s Senior Class President will be Jada Lukens.

The Student Vice President organizes fall events and the car caravan. Their main job is to help assist the student body president and help them out when they are not able to attend meetings. The Student Vice President next year will be Keyshawn Burgess.

The Chairman of Councils is responsible for student council elections, prom elections, and the overall business aspect of student council. Next year, the Chairman of Councils will be Alex Severa.

The Secretary of Treasury is responsible for handling the councils funding, care and share, as well as Make-A-Wish. They help with other executive jobs and they are the co-chair of the leadership committee. Next year’s Secretary of Treasury will be Zoe Huesgen Hobbs.

The Secretary of Records takes attendance and helps with elections. Next year, the Secretary Records is Andy Can.

The Secretary of Social plans, organizes, and budgets all of the school dances. Next year’s Secretary of Social will be Valen Ballumbrosio.

The Secretary of Publicity promotes and publicizes all of the student council events. Next year’s Secretary of Publicity will be Rory Chase and Bella Pryor.

The Secretary of Assemblies plan assemblies and do the morning announcements. They also attend all of the school events. Next year’s Secretary of Assemblies will be Matisse Conn-Parent and Aisling McConnaughey.

The Secretary of Morale works with the secretary of assemblies to plan events and the main goal of their job is to promote school spirit. Next year, the Secretary of Morale will be Samuel Bustillos.

The Lever would like to congratulate next year’s senior cabinet and we are looking forward to seeing their efforts in supporting the Palmer community.