James is Back!


Juliette Saiz and Boscoe Slann

James aka Jamie, Palmer’s therapy dog, is back and now officially certified!! Jamie came to Palmer in 2019. He originally went to  Guide Dogs for the Blind, but only made it to phase five of eight due to dog distraction which is “not safe for a blind person.” Later on he was allowed by Ms Disney to get certified this spring for being the schools therapy dog.  When we asked if Ms. Gay was happy Jamie was back, she said “Yeah, he just belongs here. He is an extremely empathetic dog; he knows when someone’s having a bad day and will perk up for them.” We then asked if she thought Jamie was glad to be back, she enthusiastically told us “He is thrilled to be back! He loves teenagers! He gets carried away with bouncing on staff from excitement.” As Palmer students, we can say we’re excited for James to be back. We’re proud of him for finally being officially certified as our therapy dog.