Bored? In Teller County? Here are some “hidden-gems” for you.


Killian Reilly

 Many people have needed to seek some new scenery while trying to be safe with Covid restrictions.  Teller County can seem a boring and isolating place but with the right information, it can be a blast. As a former resident of 3 years, this will share some of the hidden spots that some of the locals love if you find yourself up that way. 

If hiking is your thing, there’s going to be so many trails you can pick from but nothing’s going to top the Victor Trail. It’s a 6 mile hike alongside the Spinney River going off the reservoir. It is challenging with boulders and rock sections with some of the most beautiful views Colorado has to offer all leading into an abandoned power plant with old pioneer houses.  If interested, you can find further information and details at this website

If mountain biking is more your speed, the Hartsel plain is breathtaking. It may seem empty and underwhelming, but to the right person looking for adventure nothing could be further from the truth. The sunrises and sunsets are beautiful.  The 11 mile trail wraps around Eleven Mile Lake. This will probably be a 2 day adventure but nothing easy is fun.  If interested, Google this address (Coyote Ridge Nature Trail, Lake George, CO 80827) and it will lead to you some of the breathtaking views pictured. 

Let’s say none of these things tickle your interest. If that’s the case, then maybe fishing is for you. Teller county has some of the best fishing in the state. If you’re a fly fisherman, it’ll be hard to not notice all of the tackle shops you’ll pass going through Woodland Park.  However, if you’re a first time fly fishermen, all the shops offer classes, tour guides to all of the best spots in Colorado, and provide useful information.  A local favorite to recommend is the Trout Haven Chain of Lakes.  These lakes are something spectacular.  There are about 14 lakes all chained together within a mile of each other. This spot is great for families but it’s really great for anyone just trying to go out and have a good time.  If curious about this fishing spot, visit

These activities can be enjoyed while adhering to the Covid-19 prevention protocols. Teller county is truly a beautiful place, so may these activities be your precursor to endless fun. Hopefully, you adventure seekers will see that no other places compare.