A How-to-Guide for Student Resume’s


Ahlora Schulz

Hard Times

It can be difficult to find a job during this hard time in our nation and world. With Covid-19, the unemployment rate has grown to 7.9 % in Colorado (https://www.deptofnumbers.com/unemployment/colorado/) . There are still places hiring, but the competition has increased dramatically.  This helpful guide on how to create a good resume will have employers eager to interview you.

What is a Resume?

First of all, you may be wondering what a resume is or how will it help you get a job because it’s just a “piece of paper”. The point of a resume is to get you the interview. You market yourself through the paper and make yourself stand out. A resume is also like a first impression to the person in charge of where ever you are trying to work. It gives them insight on who you are as a person, tells them your experiences, and skills that make you right for that job.

How do I stand out?

To stand out in a resume you must follow the hidden messages of what employers are looking for. These can include: is your resume neat, well-organized, error-free, and does it have a professional appearance? By following these guidelines, it implies that you are capable of those things. To stand out, keep it simple, add a bit of color that represents you, keep answers on form short like bullet points. Why do you ask? Well, employers only spend about 15-20 seconds minimum and 45 seconds max reading over a resume.

Resume Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use action verbs
  • Use short, concise sentences non-essential information
  • Keep resume easy to read
  • Keep resume about one page


  • Do not Clutter your resume
  • Do not include any personal Info (age, gender, height, weight, photos)


References (Optional)

If your resume is strong, it is enough to state that “References are available upon request”. For a weaker resumes, choose references that are knowledgeable about your skills, abilities, and work ethics. Former employers, teachers, and counselors would be good references.  Your friends and relatives would not. Include their phone numbers. Always obtain permission from references in advance.

Resume Quick Tips