Bell’s Binge Worthy Netflix Review

Isabella Thornton

Netflix is a media service company that provides an alternative to cable, allowing over 182.2 million people to binge watch their favorite shows. But I’m sure you already know what Netflix is. The real question is what should you watch on Netflix? But, what are the qualities of a binge worthy show? Do you look for twisting plots, action filled story lines or epic romance? According to Palmer students this is what you should be looking for if you want to find that show that you just can’t stop watching.

“I look for lots of action” said Palmer student Sam Bustillos. “I like a show that can make me laugh” said another Palmer student Violet Allen. “I want good character development” said Haize Toscano. Everyone has a different style. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular shows on Netflix.

Outer Banks

If you are a true Netflix patron then you have heard of Outer Banks. The show follows a group of four friends who navigate the pitfalls of social class discrimination, love and friendship while hunting down a long-lost treasure. The show is good in the sense that it’s entertaining. However, it lacks a certain depth that makes a show great. Although there is only one season, hopefully we will get to dive deeper into the world of The Outer Banks

All American

All American is a teen drama that focuses on the life of a high school football player. Spencer James it recruited from a Crenshaw high school to play football for a Beverly Hills school. Spencer deals with the struggles of being a young black man in today’s society and also has his fair share of relationship fails. Overall the show is a must watch. It deals with real world issues and gives us loveable character that we can’t help but root for.

The 100

The 100 is a sci-fi drama fit for all ages. It follows a group of teenagers living in space after a nuclear war destroyed the planet. However, events cause the teenagers to be sent to earth to see if it is survivable. Although radiation won’t kill them the ground is full of new challenges that the kids must navigate in order to survive. The show has a strong female lead that is somewhat controversial. The 100 introduces love, friendship, action and science in a world where things aren’t so black and white.

The Office

The Office is a great lazy show to watch. It doesn’t require a lot of energy to follow and is always good for a laugh. This show follows the day-to-day at an office for a paper company. If you’re looking for comedy, romance and paper, this is the show for you.


You is a different kind of show. It focuses on the life of a bookstore manager who has some issues finding love. But, when he meets an aspiring writer, things get a little more sinister. He develops an obsession and will do anything to have her…including murder. This show is for anyone who is sick of the basic romance story. Instead of guy meets girl and they fall madly in love, it’s guy stocks girl so there is no chance she could fall in love with anyone else. This show is a little dark and full of plot twists. You is definitely a show worthy of binge watching.

Finding a good show to watch can be hard, but hopefully these shows are a place to get started. Look out for more to come this fall for more binge-worthy shows to watch and special season reviews.