Staying Motivated Through Online School

Killian Reilly

I can’t be the only one to have had the struggle of being motivated throughout the course of this school year since the move to online since essentially March of 2020. I have never been one to be good at school; as a matter of fact, I’ve failed most of my high school career. This being my senior year, I had a major decision to make; whether I wanted to fail out (then get my GED) or work harder than I ever have before to graduate. But even with my future on the line, I still find myself lacking motivation from time to time. I’ll share my secrets on how I stay motivated.

I always try and remember my goals. First, having a positive attitude is a really hard mindset to maintain. Remembering your goals helps you to stay positive and helps keep up motivation. This next tip contradicts itself, but it’s so, so important to take breaks and have a healthy outlet which can be whatever you want. I personally love skating, and I go out whenever I feel stressed or mad, but anything will work. However, just as importantly is having a routine to go off.  It is really important for the body and mind.  If you get off track, it can be harder to get back on, so you have to learn self-discipline too.

These have been some of my strategies to stay successful throughout this year, and I hope they help you too.