9/11: 20 Years Later


Boscoe Slann

On September 11th, 2001 a devastating terrorist attack struck the nation. The terrorist group Al Qaeda hijacked four planes on that day. They crashed two of them into the World Trade Center, one in the Pentagon and then one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.  2,996  were killed during this attack. This heavily changed life in America as a whole; from the Department of Homeland Security being created, TSA cracking down on people who look “suspicious” (which would mainly be Middle Eastern people to them), to a war on terror that’s ensued for nearly 20 years.

These attacks ended up impacting many facets of American life. Things that began to change were sports starting to bring healing. One example was when Major League Baseball teams performed “God Bless America” on the seventh-inning stretch. Television companies also cranked out lots of shows including counterterrorism in the plot. However, one of the bigger and most disappointing things that were introduced was unneeded hate against Muslims. Rates of hate crimes against Muslim people began to skyrocket. Even if a lot of them were innocent, the people who were committing these hate crimes didn’t care. It even led to many comedians using Muslims as a cheap shot for jokes.

Even 20 years after this incident, things are still being found and released. Just recently they identified 2 victims from the attacks. There are still 1,100 victims from the attack that haven’t been identified and may never be identified ever. The president of the United States has also been pressured to start the declassification of many 9/11 documents. President Joe Biden directed the Justice Department and other agencies to start the 6-month process of declassifying the documents related to the FBI’s investigation on the September 11th attacks.

As we reflect, 9/11 was a tragedy that struck the nation out of nowhere. Many people have been traumatized and changed entirely by the memories of loved ones being lost there or just being there when the attacks happened. While we take this time to remember what happened to our nation the day of the attacks, we will never forget.