Yet Another Thing We Have Taken for Granted?


Jaiden Flowers

A year ago, most schools were at a point where athletes were happy just to be playing their respective sport. Everyone was aware that it was going to be a very different experience, but the biggest question perhaps was if fans were going to be allowed at events or not. Some schools allowed a very limited amount and others did not allow any. However, this year things look to be headed in a better direction as far as everyone being allowed to attend games. Fans have a huge impact on sports and they always will. Taking some thoughts from some players around the school, senior, Jaelyn Robinson, states, “To have fans back is huge. The fans give you that extra energy to keep going when you’re down and when the game is going well, they add to the overall experience and it creates a great atmosphere.”

Senior, Melvin Saffold III, described the lack of fans last season as a mental challenge, but he is hopeful that this year they will play a huge part in having a better season than they had last year. He stated, “For me personally, I feed off the crowd. They can be a big difference between a win or a loss and after not having that last year, hopefully we can have a more successful season with everyone back in attendance this year.” Taking an opinion from a younger student and athlete at Palmer, Sophomore JaLyn Castro stated, “When you play a game without fans it’s almost as if it’s not even a game. The addition of fans brings the excitement and it gives you a reason to play for someone and be successful.” Numerous athletes have someone they’re playing for and that’s what motivates them to succeed, but without that, it can be a challenge to find self-motivation within yourself.

When we enter freshman year, starting our first year of sports as a high schooler is a big step. In order to make high school sports the best experience possible, we need the fans because without them, things just don’t feel right. One thing we tend to think about more often than not is about what that first game will be like with everyone coming out to cheer you on. This can create a sense of nervousness when we first start, but as we get more comfortable playing in front of large crowds, it only adds to the overall experience.

For years, Palmer sports have been a big stamp in the school’s culture. Many of us can take for granted the support from students, parents, and even neutral fans. In this case, it took a global pandemic to make us realize something as simple as having fans in the stands at games is so impactful. With that being said, we hope to see you all there this year Terrors!