Is Homecoming Worth it?


JaLyn Castro

Last year, Palmer didn’t have Homecoming because of the rising cases in COVID. Nobody was able to attend Homecoming, and were deprived of the experience. This year’s Homecoming was a celebration of getting back into school and seeing all of the so familiar faces we missed last year. Homecoming is a huge celebration with lights, dance, music and fun, but some people may think differently; is homecoming really worth it?

Senior Meghan Allen says “Yes. Homecoming is crazy but the good kind that makes powerful memories.” Meghan defines Homecoming as an “overall good time to just see friends all dressed up and happy”. This year Meghan was nominated for Homecoming Court. She says that win or lose it was an experience she will never forget.

Sophomore Alanis Nelson and Ciara Carbajal have never been to Homecoming. They originally didn’t want to go, but their curiosity changed their minds. Almost everyone is in the same boat this year and have no idea what to expect. They said they wish that Homecoming will be a “go big or go home type of welcome party”, that is non-judgmental and an overall fun experience.

When asked if Homecoming would be worth it, Ciara says “Definitely, I hope it’s a fun night where you can get dressed up and have fun”. Alanis says “Yes, it’s for high school memories, because not everyone gets to do these things.” A 2020 graduate said, “If I could go back in time as a freshman, I would be more involved in going to sporting events, Homecoming and spirit weeks. I don’t think as students we realize the impact that getting involved in your school can have on your overall experience.

The incoming freshman or returning sophomores might not know what they’re getting themselves into, or what craziness might be waiting beyond the big gym doors. I would say yes, Homecoming was definitely be worth it. Something you’ve never done is always worth trying once.  Hopefully, it created everlasting memories and time spent with friends.