Silver Lining during COVID

Co Schifris and Sarah Wilson

Unless you are a hermit living under a rock in the middle of the ocean, you know what COVID-19 is. Other than the hermits, we have all gotten used to wearing masks, quarantining, and working/going to school from home. This has caused us to become used to being more independent and capable of handling change. However, many of us need a laugh during today’s time. So, after the grim and depressing facts that we will be telling you about, we will tell you some funny, uplifting stories and facts about COVID-19.

Let’s start out with the meaning behind the terms “coronavirus” and “COVID-19.” The word “coronavirus” refers to a family of viruses that spreads many different kinds of diseases, including colds. As for COVID-19, the term is a mashup of several different words, including “corona,” derived from the Latin term for “crown;” the abbreviation of virus, or “vi;” and the letter “d,” which stands for “disease.” The number 19 obviously stands for the year in which COVID was first discovered: 2019.

The virus is zoonotic (pronounced zoh-uh-naw-tik), meaning that it was first found in animals and was then spread to humans. The first outbreak of COVID-19 originated from a farm animal market and the cases were originally thought to be pneumonia, but it was soon discovered that it was in fact a new kind of coronavirus. This was in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. On January 13, 2020, the first case of COVID-19 to be found outside of China was reported in Thailand.

Now for the more uplifting facts about COVID-19 times. During quarantine we all found ourselves at home, alone or with family, and bored out of our minds. Although there are many things to do at home, some people really missed going out with their friends and seeing other people, even for things like shopping. That’s when we turned to the online apps and websites that allowed us to connect with our friends and family. One big one was, of course, Zoom, but there were also many apps and new features that let you watch a movie with your friends or anything else. But what did we do when we couldn’t do that? We made food. Learning how to cook, growing your own vegetables, becoming a plant parent, and many other things became a way to relieve boredom. Maybe you needed a snack to eat while you binge-watched a new show, but ran out of Goldfish©. How to fix this? Look for recipes online and make yourself something delicious. And when you ran out of food at home? You went to the websites of the stores you shopped at pre-COVID and bought it online, getting it delivered to your door.

While COVID-19 is still here, we’ve learned how to adapt and change to suit our circumstances. Many have even found fun things to do and pros to the quarantining situation. COVID-19 might be a grim situation, but despite this, mankind has persevered through and will continue to, until this pandemic has finally come to an end.