Need new Music?


Juliette Saiz

Music plays a huge part in a teenager’s life; it helps you get through some of the hardest times. Even has an impact on what some teens identify as, sorting themselves into groups that wear specific clothing or who they hang out with.  Music can help some understand how they feel, get them hype before a game or just get you through some tough homework. But do you ever get bored of your music? Maybe you could be craving some new genres? Well, if so, this article is for you! With these recommendations from different Palmer students maybe you’ll find something interesting that you like.

Jonah Chlebus, freshman at Palmer High School, describes his favorite genres are hip-hop or classic rock while his favorite artist is Juice World, a rapper who passed away in 2019. He says Juice World lyrics “connect to him on an emotional level.” When asked what some of his favorite songs are Jonah said Crisis by Jahsiah, Falling Down by Lil Peep and XXXTENTACION and Eighties by Killing Joke. If you want an aggressive hype song, Jonah recommends Crisis by Jahsiah, mind you there are explicit words. Jonah listens to this music because “it gets me hype for sports, more specifically basketball.”

Ruby Walker, a senior at Palmer, likes her music taste because she says she has a wide variety of genres and “plays music based on my mood.” Her favorite artist is Jhene Aiko because “she calms me down with her healing music but also makes me feel confident and pretty.” Ruby’s top three favorite song by Jhene are One Way, You vs. Them, and Overstimulated.  If you’re looking for a modern soul song, she recommends overstimulated because “you can feel the story in the music and it makes me feel grounded while giving me clarity.”

Co Schifris, another freshman describes her music taste as magnificent because it “matches my style, it feels like me.” She says her music taste is mixed with pop, hip hop and video game soundtracks. Her favorite soundtrack is Nightmares Never End from the Little Nightmares Two game because she “enjoys the voices and the beats.” She told us her top three favorite songs are Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes, Break My Mind by Da Games and Mathmaticious by Summerset because “it’s really catchy but kind of annoying, still love it though.” Co really enjoys techno/nerdcore music. Her favorite artists are CK9C and Da Games. If you’re interested in a new alternative rock song, Co recommends Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes!

Whether or not you’re looking for something to hype you up, get you through a long school day, or help distract you from anything that’s going on, hopefully these suggestions from your peers helped and gave you some new favorites to add to your playlist!