Terror Traditions: Fall Edition

Sarah Wilson

Fall is finally here; the start of the holiday season, warm colors, and cool weather. Special traditions start, as the hot weather ends, and football season is here. My favorite part of fall is the weather and the leaves changing colors, but what about other people’s opinions on fall? What are other Terrors’ traditions?  Well, let’s find out!

Most peoples big fall traditions are party’s or family gatherings. Juliette Saiz, a freshman at Palmer, said that her family has a big potluck for Thanksgiving every year, and her aunt has a Halloween party as well.  One of her favorite things to do in the fall is carve pumpkins, and then make homemade salty pumpkin seeds. As for the weather, she is very excited for the air to cool. She says that she likes to wear sweaters.  She likes it because you get to dress up, and eat candy and have fun at parties.

Jonah Chlebus, a freshman at Palmer, said that every Thanksgiving his family does an extended family gathering. One of Jonah’s favorite things to do in the fall is play football, and get ready for basketball season. His favorite fall time food is stuffed turkey and just thanksgiving food in general. He is excited for the weather to cool down as “its way to hot lately”.

Kieran Mundie, a sophomore at Palmer high school said that, like most, Thanksgiving is their big tradition. Her and her family go to the mountains to their cabin to have Thanksgiving dinner with their grandparents and family. Kieran’s favorite event to do in the fall is hanging out with friends on Halloween. Her favorite fall time item is pumpkin spice candles and Halloween decorations. She is excited for the cooler weather and likes Halloween because she can hang out with friends and watch scary movies.

Fall started on September 23rd, and people have already started to decorate for Halloween. So, whether you make new traditions or continue past ones, continue to make memories and tell people you are grateful for them.