Jared Polis: A Man of Firsts


Co Schifris

Jared Schutz Polis, the governor of Colorado since November 6th 2018, was born May 12th, 1975, in Boulder. He was born into a family that takes people as they are, no matter their religion, sexuality, or gender. After graduating from high school, he was accepted into Princeton University. He joined the Democratic Party as soon as he could and has remained with it ever since.

Governor Polis went to Princeton University, where he graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science. A Political Science degree program teaches students about law, formal and quantitative analysis, international politics, political theory, and more. A person with a B.A. in Political Science can specialize in any of the subfields of political science, such as American and comparative politics.

Polis was the first openly gay man to run for governor. His main competitor was Walker Stapleton, a Republican, who ended up with 42.8% of the vote. Jared Polis reigned triumphant, with 53.4% of Coloradans voting for him. Polis was sworn into office on January 8th of 2019, becoming the first openly gay man to be elected governor. Ironically, the then 43-year-old man became the 43rd governor of the state of Colorado.

In 2002, Polis met his future partner, Marlon Reis, who is an animal rights activist. This then led to the first same-sex marriage of a sitting governor. They adopted two children: Cora Barucha Polis Reis, born July 4th2014, and Caspian Julius Polis Reis, born September 30 2011. Jared and Marlon were married on September 15th 2021 in Boulder. They chose this date because it was the 18th anniversary of their first date. Governor Polis was the first same-sex parent in Congress.

Jared Polis is a role model for every young person who identifies as something “different.” He paved the way for future LGBTQ+ community members to become people in a government position. He showed the world that to be gay is not a crime, and that anybody can be what they want to be, without it interfering with their ability to do their job.