Where did the Soap go?


Calandra McLaughlin

Tiktok trends are getting wilder each day, some can be dangerous, some are just dancing around, and some are just for laughs and views. However, in recent weeks the newest Tiktok trend “Devious Licks” is making its way through schools all over the country. ‘Devious Licks” is a trend where students steal or vandalize school property and teacher’s belongings. The most common item being taken, soap dispensers.

It may sound pointless to steal a soap dispenser but that is not the only thing being done. Students are taking hand sanitizer, admin keys, exit signs, computer tracks, putting food dye on toilet seats, taking Lugnuts from teacher’s cars, caution signs, and so much more. Where did this all start? One single person on Tiktok who pulled a box of hand sanitizer out of their bag with the caption, “Only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick.” Many staff and parents are asking “Why would you do this? What is the point?” Tiktokers say it is for the views. The more views you get, the faster the trend spreads.

Many schools are using this trend as an opportunity to teach students about the consequences of what you post, how these posts can affect your future, and the legal repercussions that can come with it. I spoke with Palmer teachers and here is what one of many had to say about this newfound trend. After asking Mrs. McGilvray Digital Media teacher what her initial response to this trend was, she said “I was a bit disheartened honestly. As if we don’t have enough on our plate right now with our regular day to day and then all the COVID stuff… now we have to make sure people aren’t stealing from us for the sake of a game or popularity.” This leads to loss of trust from Palmer teachers and a new thing to worry about when it comes to their teaching. Bathrooms are being shut down and while some students think it is funny, some have other thoughts. I spoke with Palmer student Taylor Saulsbury, and she said “This trend has become super annoying, why do we have to get our bathrooms taken away? Tiktok trends are taking over our lives and it is starting to get annoying.”

Remember it may seem funny and it may bring you short term enjoyment, however there are people who have to replace these items and you can do a lot of harm if you steal something such as Lugnuts from a car tire. Be smart and do not do it because the repercussions are not worth a trend that will be forgotten about in a few weeks. Just this once, don’t be trendy Palmer.