Fright Night!

JaLyn Castro

With ghosts and goblins right around the corner, everyone is ready to get in the spooky spirit. We love decorating and going to haunted houses, but the real excitement comes from the scary movies we watch on a dark quiet night! The fear and bone chilling scenes that come from horror movies are just waiting to make anyone’s night an intriguing delight!!

Most of Palmer loves chilling at home and watching scary movies leading up to Halloween.  Starting the end of September, all of the spooky scary trailers for the upcoming thriller movies were released, giving everyone a reason to be excited for the upcoming month. New movies are always great, but let’s dive back into the spooky past and see what our favorite “old” scary movies are.

The calls of twisted psychopaths and possessed spirits are in anyone’s ear this time of month.  Like… Saw, the twisted puzzles of a man wanting to teach the meaning of life to his victims. Or, the legendary Michael Myers with the never-ending terror inflicted on his sister and the town of Haddonfield.   Annabelle is a movie about a beautiful doll bought as a gift but, soon turned into a sinister, bone-chilling nightmare. I mean who doesn’t love that?

Candyman, Truth or Dare, Slenderman, The Purge, Happy Death Day and so many more. We know scary movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but tell us what you think is the scariest of scary movies, or just let us know about your favorite in the poll below. Happy Halloween!!

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