What Makes our Time at School Better?

Juliette Saiz

13 years of school, 9 months each year, 173 days are required for us American students. Seems like a long time, right? Yes, it’s terribly long. We go through our day walking to different classes, sitting in a classroom, learning about different subjects each hour, for eight hours. But obviously since we are teenagers we have to be entertained somehow. Some of you are entertained by the teachers giving a lesson while most of us are not. But what makes our school day a better time?

After talking to many Palmer students, a ton of them said they were usually bored in class, Gorgia Prince, a sophomore told me “I end up with a good amount of down time in class where I’m really bored.” Another student, Aurora Pool, told me that “depending on the class I usually tend to be bored, unless I’m super engaged in the activity.” This can show that students get bored with their classes because sometimes they just aren’t entertaining to them. But what helps entertain us teenagers? Well, you guessed it, our friends!

Many of the students said their friends really help with their day. Sarah Wilson said “My friends are just really funny and always make me laugh.” Zody Martz told me he has “hilarious friends that never fail to make me laugh.” I asked all the kids if they would have a better or worse experience if their friends didn’t attend Palmer with them, Joe Vazquez told me he would have a “worse experience for sure.” Aurora told me “Definitely a worse experience, they are the best part of my day, without them I’d probably be super bored.” Another student, Gorgia, told me one of their favorite parts of school is “being able to hang out with one of my friends during lunch and at clubs” they also said “if they weren’t there for me, I’m not really sure where I’d be right now.”

When I asked “do your teachers have any influence on you having fun at school?” Joe told me “Absolutely. Usually they prevent it” but most of the kids said their teachers have a positive influence. Sarah told me “Seating charts really help me and sometimes they’ll assign really fun stuff” and Zody Martz said “Many teachers are fun and bounce back the energy the class will give.” I also asked if anyone wanted to give credit/shout out to any of their teachers and students said Mr. Ferguson for being “super supportive and so fun”, Mr. Carlson for “keeping my attention better than any other teacher”, and Ms. Hook, “She’s one of the few teachers that allows us to have fun (while learning) and she makes the end of the day great!”

Our friends and teachers have a huge impact on our school days. They influence us in many ways and help us through really tough times. So, whoever helps your day run a little more smoothly, sit down and thank them. Maybe it’ll help them have a better school day!