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2022-2023 Staff

Jazlynn Moreno

She is a sophomore and has been part of the Palmer community for 2 years. This her 2nd year of lever team. She is part of Basketball and enjoys hanging out with friends.

Cami Wolkow

She is a freshman attending Palmer, coming from North Middle school, this is my first year in the Lever. My hobbies are Roblox, Minecraft, Hello Sweet Days, Soccer, Basketball, and Track. Drums are cool! I'm the coolest one in...

Sockss (Israel) Gerard

"I'm not rude, just sarcastic." -Sockss 2022 Sockss spends most of the day, dozing off and stressing about homeowrk. His dream is to a have a cabin in the woods far from everybody. Sockss formly known as Israel,  tends to...