Shout out to Mr. Chamberlin’s GT, NJHS, and Speech and Debate club! 

Shout out to Mr. Chamberlins GT, NJHS, and Speech and Debate club! 

Most middle school students are familiar with the term “GT” (Gifted and Talented) but at Palmer, it isn’t as broadly known as it was in middle school. As a result, we are giving a shout-out to Mr. Chamberlin’s GT program. It’s where all types of kids who academically excel have the option to take harder classes. GT kids also have the chance to go on rewarding events like extracurricular activities. Some of the activities include field trips, science explosions, bike rides and so much more.  

Mr. Chamberlin also runs Palmers NHS (National Honors Society). NHS is a society that helps the community in so many different ways: “We do a variety of projects for the community, for example, every year we hold a blood drive,” says Mr. Chamberlin. They also host “Trunk or Treat” (a safe trick-or-treat activity), keep our streets clean, and contribute to so many more community service projects. To become a part of NHS you must be selected as a candidate by Palmer’s faculty council, and you also must meet Palmer’s communitive GPA requirements (good grades A-D). After you must choose a basis of service (what you’re going to work on in NHS), you can earn leadership, citizenship, and character training. NHS meets one day per month. But in the end, the one year is all worth it because you can earn scholarships; colleges are more likely to notice you and it’s a good thing to put on your resume.  

Last but not least is the Speech and Debate club, which is also organized by Mr. Chamberlin. You may have seen some sick posters in the hall about it. Basically, it’s a club where all different kinds of students meet, and practice public speaking, acting, and arguing all in one competitive sport. It is challenging, competitive, and requires hard work. “Speech and debate club taught me courage, generosity, and an understanding that diversity makes us strong. Our voices are what connect us, and this activity allows me to spread that message,” says student Jaylon Muchison. Become involved and join the Speech and Debate club!  

In summary the man “working in a closet” does a lot for Palmer, and if you are interested in any of the clubs listed you can contact Mr. Chamberlin at [email protected].