‘Tis The Season!


Artic Monkeys is releasing their album “The Car” October 21st which is a perfect date for them if you listen to their music; they give off such an Autumn vibe… Why is that? Almost everyone has heard of fall playlists, but do they make sense to anyone? No songs are intended for your listening pleasure during only one season of the year; so why are there so many? Does it make any sense to have a fall playlist? Fall started September 22nd, so along with blankets, cookies, and pumpkin flavored things, it’s time for some of us to start putting our fall playlists on shuffle. Music is a huge part of most of this generation’s lives. It’s like we have playlist for everything, but why specifically for fall? Personally, I love fall. The chilly days and cold nights, the gorgeous leaves and stunning aromas. But why are so many musical hits associated with fall?

My mother and I started debating about fall playlists when walking through the freezer section at Walmart. I argued that Frank Ocean just makes snese to hear during the colder seasons, and she argued that fall is the season of love. Since my music taste is mostly love songs of some form, I would just be surrounded by the feeling all throughout the season. (Side note: I don’t know how she got the idea that Fall is season of love when it’s clearly Winter or Summer, and I listen to mostly Chase Atlantic so it’s proven she’s not that reliable of a source). Regardless, this clearly shows that I can’t answer this question alone, so of course I had to run to my peers and spark this conversation with them. I prompted them with a few questions. So, without further ado here are our responses from Kevin and Steven.

When asked, “Do you have a playlist dedicated to fall? Why or why not?” Steven replied “Of course I do! Some songs, honest to god, just hit harder in the fall. Personally, I think slow and soft, vibey songs are better for the fall. They just match the environment perfectly.” I think the point Steven is trying to get across is that overall mood is such a good thing in his eyes, that he just wants to be fully surrounded in it. When Kevin was asked the same question, he replied, “Personally I don’t have a ‘fall playlist’ but I can definitely understand why people would have one.”

“What songs do you associate with fall?” I asked. Steven replied, “Some I think we all can agree are fall songs like, Sweater Weather, Hey Lover,  or Glitter; but a controversial opinion of mine is that J. Cole’s album ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ also gives off huge autumn vibes. I feel like a lot of his music does.”  Kevin gave us a very similar answer: “I’m not entirely sure, but I would have to definitely say… Novacane by Frank Ocean. I guess really almost any Girl in Red song, and all Halloween music, clearly.” I guess music associated with fall is commonly slow and gives off a chill vibe…Or is Halloween themed.

“Do you associate songs with other seasons as well?” I asked Kevin. “Not at all; I haven’t even thought about seasonal music taste till you asked me about it. I’ve also known about Christmas music and stuff like that but like I’ve never really thought about a playlist dedicated to just a season.”

My conversation with Steven was totally different and I think really answers the question that sparked this journey:“Why are so many musical hits associated with fall?” Our conversation went like this:

Q:  “Do you associate songs with other seasons as well?”

A:  “Yeah of course I do but typically not as often as I do with fall. Fall is such a distinct feeling and emotion for most people, unlike other seasons. Just because I view summer as a cheery season doesn’t mean everyone else does, but I feel like with fall everyone kinda just agrees it’s a chill season.”

Q:  “Yeah I think I and a lot of others can agree with you. Do you have anything you’d like to say to those who don’t have a fall playlist?”

A:  “Try it out, everythings not for everyone but you might like it.”

Do you have a fall playlist? Let us know!

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