Winter Driving Safety


Amilyana Ruiz and Yael Moya

Poor weather conditions account for about 20 fatal crashes per 1 million drivers on average in the United States.

There are multiple car accidents throughout every season of the year, but some of the easiest ways people have accidents are during the winter seasons due to human error and road conditions. They happen because ice is very slippery and tough on the car’s traction. There are also people who get too confident or nervous on the road, and that can cause an unsafe driving environment. Some people feel like they can drive without consequences because they often think that if they have all-wheel drive car or 4×4 truck, they expect they will be safe. That makes them drive fast or with less caution and that causes them to slip and slide or not be able to brake on time. As a consequence they hit a car or a person. There are also the people that drive too slow which can be safe for them, but also it could lead to danger for other drivers. Driving slower than the expected speed limit causes interferences with the three second following distance.

The best thing you can do is be more attentive of your surroundings and be cautious in the way you drive and aware of the way other people drive. You can also be attentive to the people walking on the sidewalk and crosswalks and make sure you don’t accidently hit someone and hurt them or possibly do worse. No matter what kind of car you have the possibility of an accident occurring is always there.

If you are a pedestrian being just as cautious is especially important in the winter. Following the traffic signs and lights will ensure your safety as well as the driver’s. So when driving, please be as cautious and safe as you can. Be as cautious to the people around you as you are to yourself.

Remember if you feel uncomfortable driving or even walking in the winter weather don’t do it! Stay safe Palmer and always be safe on the road.