How Does CBD Help People?


Kameron Ortega, Author

January is the national month for CBD. One of the sources of CBD oil is marijuana and is a prescribed drug that many people use. It was first legalized in California in 1996. Studies have been conducted that CBD can increase memory and help with controlling your mood. Many people who have PTSD or other mental illness use this to help with everyday life especially in crowded or loud areas. CBD also helps people who have glaucoma, and cannabinoids help lower the intraocular pressure (IOP) along with having neuroprotector actions. CBD is an exceptionally effective way to treat many medical conditions that we see today. CBD oil can be used to treat seizure disorders. Seizures are scary, from being unconscious to foaming from the mouth. This is why lots of people use CBD to help control seizures. For example, my older brother and my auntie have been recorded to have seizures. They both use medical marijuana and CBD oils, and it drastically decreases the number of seizures they have. Before my auntie was on medical marijuana and CBD, she would have 4 to 5 seizures a day; now with cannabis she has no reported seizures. My family is not the only one that has discovered a cure from CBD oil. “Munchies” is a YouTube channel. The crew traveled to see a 90-year-old woman named Nona. Nona has been cooking with cannabis for over 4 years to help treat her daughter’s seizures. Before taking medication, her daughter was known to have 5 to 7 seizures a day. Now that Nona cooks her food with CBD and THC she is thriving and has not had a severe seizure since. Can CBD help people? Just talk to my auntie!