Artec Scanner


Mr. Wybrant is always up to something, but this time he’s gotten a $35,000 scanner for his students to use. If you’re not aware that’s about as much as a car. No way he could pay that out of pocket. So, how’d he manage to get his hands on it? Funding from the U.S Navy. It’s been a constant throughout Palmer history, that Wybrant is constantly doing amazing things and granting his students huge opportunities. Barely a month into 2023, he’s got his hands on some expensive hardware for his classes to use.

What is the Artec 3d scanner?

The Artec 3d scanner is an Air Driven and Wireless scanner, with a 0.1 mm point accuracy. Its been proven safe for scanning people, it can accurately scan any 3D object up to the size of an airplane. This scanner will be used to digitalize artifacts collections and potentially put them in VR experiences.

You may find yourself asking “Why is this so important for Palmer as a whole?”

Mr. Wybrant’s WBL classes are already preparing students for career pathways and granting them grand possibilities and opportunities for the future, by providing them the opportunity with this technology.  A huge upper hand in the future, if students can now work with advanced technology and test the limits, who knows what they will create in the future. New scanners, huge virtual museums.

Mr. Wybrant is already working on securing occasions for students to use this scanner. Students will have the opportunity to scan artifacts in the Colorado Pioneer’s Museum and put them in a VR experience.  Palmer students also have been invited to scan the Scott Carpenter Station, an underwater rover used to test life support systems. No one has had access in to this in the last 15 years.

With the help of Mr. Wybrant, the future of technology can be a wonderful place.