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The Powderpuff Game

The seniors celebrating their win

The juniors and seniors just participated in the exciting powderpuff game that took place on Wednesday, September 20th. at Garry Berry stadium. Students loved the game and are excited to go again.


The powderpuff game is a long-time tradition at Palmer. This year the seniors won the game this year, and the cheerleader performance was better than ever, with the senior boys winning the contest.


Freshman, Lizzy Risley said, “The best part about Powderpuff was the senior cheerleading, it was very entertaining. I wish they would do that at every game.”


People have differing opinions on the game. Many loved it. Powderpuff is a comical and fun event during homecoming week because of the role switch.


Freshman, Abigail Rosenhan said “Powderpuff was interesting. It was fun to see the guys cheerleading. It was overall a good time.”


Whether people love it or hate it, the spirit of Powderpuff is what brings us together. This year it was enjoyable for many, and the event will continue to be a fun tradition at Palmer.


“I have always enjoyed Powderpuff. I went to the one this year and my freshman year. It was fun both times,” Sophomore, Aisha Fall said. “I’m excited to go to powderpuff games in my next years at palmer.”

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