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Football 23′ Season


Football season has officially started at Palmer High School and most of the players are pumped and ready to play with their homies! Gavin Clubs says “Loved freshman year, JV lot of fun. I made it to Varsity…” Like Gavin, many other players agree the highlight of playing football is spending time with their friends and getting excused from school. “I was pretty excited for this season; it was good to see all the guys” says Zachary Comer. However, most of them agree that the higher level the play gets the more stressful football becomes. “It is stressful because everybody wants to win” The reasoning for this is if they lose it will reflect badly on their personal hopes to get a scholarship at a good college.   

When asked if football was more of a social or mental sport, there was a mixture of different responses, some say it’s a mental sport and others say it’s social. Emmet Head says, “It’s a mixture of both”. Justin Long also agrees quoting “It’s like both of them combine, because you are always talking and meeting new people, and the stuff they put you through you have to have mental toughness”. Other athletes on the team argue it’s just a mental sport because you must “get your head in the game and push yourself to the limit” says Gavin Clubs. 

So far, the football season has been successful, we were able to complete a 77-yard touchdown pass in the game against Centennial. Calvin Dozeman is currently 2nd for interceptions in Palmers League, averaging 1 interception per game. 


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Cami Wolkow
Cami Wolkow, Public Relations Editor
“Drums are cool” ~Cami Wolkow      This is Cami, she is a sophomore here at Palmer High School.   She is the president of the PHS Lever student organization. This is her second year in the Lever. Born and raised in Colorado Springs she is quite familiar with the town's secrets. She enjoys sharing the different cultures and stories about people in journalism. In her free time, she plays sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis. She also likes listening to music, some of her favorite artists are Kanye West, Taylor Swift, 21 Savage, and Tame Impala.   She helps take photographs for the Lever and writes. She wants to move out of her comfort zone more to get the most out of her sophomore year.  
Jazlynn Moreno
Jazlynn Moreno, Public Relations Editor
Jalynn Moreno is sixteen years old and she is a junior in High School. This is her third year on the Lever. She was born on May 25 2007, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She also likes cars, and she participates in car shows with her family. She also really likes to play basketball. She's been playing basketball since she was five years old. She is the youngest of seven siblings.

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