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The Origin of SMG4


SMG4 is one the most successful YouTubers in YouTube History. He might’ve dropped out of High School, but he still managed to make money. He runs his own company called Glitch Productions, home of many Indie Series like The SMG4 Series, Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, Murder Drones & Digital Circus. 

SMG4 lives in Australia, that is where he was born and where he created his company. 

SMG4 started his company on May 27, 2017. His 1st show for the company was Meta Runner, a show about robots playing video games (I haven’t watched the show), he didn’t do it alone he had his brother Kevin by his side the whole time. 

The reason he makes good content is because he wants to make people happy, he makes his videos extremely funny because of that reason. 

He started his career in 2009 and began publishing his videos in 2011. 

SMG4’s real name is Luke Lerdwichagal. 

SMG4 stands for Super Meme Guardian 4, it was originally Super Mario Glitchy 4. 

SMG4 uses GMOD to shake the models around for comedic effect. 

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