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Lunch For Palmer Students

For many palmer students they go out to lunch every day some places that are good to go
are Borriello brother’s pizza, Skirted heifer, Solar roast, taco star and Azadas. If your looking to
get something good and filling but a little on the pricey side I recommend Taco Stars Asada
Fries. If you’re looking for something affordable and filling I recommend a chicken burrito from
Azadas which you can get with horchata or a fountain drink for only the price of 8.65$. If you
don’t have a lot of money I recommend getting a box of fries from skirted heifer which only cost
5$. Also remember palmer if you don’t have any money our school offers free lunch and
breakfast. If you only have a dollar or 2 or 3 always remember there is a dollar menu at
McDonalds and taco bell is cheap as well. Some places I don’t recommend going for lunch are
chipotle if your walking there, the line is out the door 80% of the time and your barley have
enough time to get back to class without eating your food. One more place I don’t recommend
going to is chick-fil-a you have to drive there and the traffic on Nevada is very unpredictable. As
well the line is always very long and you don’t have enough time to eat your food there.

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