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The block schedule: the good, the bad, and the truly neutral


The block schedule, which Palmer has started to use this year, has sparked a ton of different student opinions, both good and bad. But why? 

The block schedule, one day of all classes and four days of only half of your classes, is a system that Palmer started to use this year. The split in what classes you have each day makes for an interesting schedule. Of course, most students had the opportunity to experience another form of schedule at Palmer, but freshmen have not. So, what are the freshman’s opinions? 

One freshman stated, “The block schedule is fine, kinda boring to sit in the same room for so long,” while another freshman had a similar opinion, “it’s hard to keep student’s attention for 100 minutes on one topic.” Both students have made the point of long classes not being good because students cannot pay attention for that long. Luckly for these students, Monday does have shorter classes! 

Short attention spans aside, what do students think of the time in class, other than that it is boring? 

Well, one student made the point, “the block schedule has its positives, like having more time to learn in class.” You can get a lot done in 100 minutes, no matter what class you are in! Another freshman said, “I like that there’s not much homework because the classes are so long.” 100 minutes gives you a lot of time to get work done in class, if you get it all done then you don’t have to do it as homework! 

Every freshman must take one of the many world language classes we have at Palmer. Does the block schedule change freshman’s opinions on the language classes? 

One response to that question is, “learning new languages is harder because you don’t have classes every day to practice.” The alternating class schedule allows for students to have their language class three of the five days of the school week, one of which days only allows for 30 minutes of class time. Some students may not have time to study at home, so that may make the class even more difficult.  

The workload of each class is quite different. Taking days off for being sick couldn’t make you fail a class, could it? 

Well, no, most likely not, but one student did mention missing days, “If you miss a day, you arent going to be having a great time.” This student may not be overreacting. With longer classes, more work can get done. Missing one day may leave you completely behind in said classes you missed.  

“Overall, I think that it’s good in theory, but doesn’t work as well when actually used.”

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