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All Breed Rescue and Training

Romp at the park at All Breeds facility

Since being founded in 1994, All Breed Rescue and Training has continually made a difference in the long-lasting lives of animals across the country. With the hope to rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes for all dogs, All Breed is doing just that. This year they have rescued 30+ dogs from dire situations. Their work has led to the bettering of dog rescuing and training. All with the struggle of rather low funding. It truly is astonishing how much work All Breed can do. 


When All Breed was founded, they decided their top priority was to do four things: rescue, rehab, rehome, and retrain. These four goals are still carried out today. All Breed Rescue and Training executive director since 1998 said “I am very passionate about supporting the dog community. It is what has kept me in this position for this long.” 


All Breed has faced many challenges, from low funding to difficult adoption processes. However, they always pull through. Lauren Fox said “Lack of funding is the most difficult thing we face. However, we are always trying to increase our services and run fundraisers.” 


When All Breed first started they didn’t have much to their name. It was just a small dog training facility with big goals for the future. Since then they have worked incredibly hard 24/7 to create what they have today. It still isn’t much, but their establishment has proliferated. It is all thanks to their wonderful staff and volunteers. “We have always called on volunteers,” said former all-breed rescue and training board president Michael Gustafson. “They always step up when we are in need. They have helped us through everything, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.” 


Staff at All Breed have high hopes for their establishments they continue to work through their struggles. The staff didn’t give up on any dog of any sort. They will adapt to the needs of the owner and the dog to make it a good experience for all, and they are always working to better All Breed Rescue and Training, and the lives of the dogs they work with.


“The staff at All breed are truly wonderful people,” said Heather Foster. “I have taken both my dogs through their classes.  Let’s just say my dogs weren’t the most behaved dogs when they were younger. But the staff at all breeds never gave up and now my dogs are the best on the planet.” 


The staff and volunteers at All bread are always excited to participate in anything they can do to help their beloved establishment. One of the many ways they do this is through fundraising events. These events are the foundation of the facility. Without it, there wouldn’t be enough funding to continue. 


Each year All Breed holds an event called romp in the park. It is one of their biggest events held at the training facility. It is filled with fun events. The raffle is the biggest eye-catcher. There are up to one hundred and twenty-six big prizes interesting to anyone of any age. From stuffed animals to five hundred dollar gift cards and a nice dinner. All the proceeds from money made at the raffle go to bettering the facility and classes. They also hold an event called Whine and Cheese, which is a silent auction. These are just two of their events, All breed hosts many more events. All of these fundraising events help to improve the work that they do. 


Together the main goal of all breed rescue and training is to help all the dogs in need, through rescuing, adoption, and fostering. “I want us to be able to do more rescue.” says Lauren Fox “I want to increase the number of dogs we rescue. Whether that is from other rescues or more foster homes. I want us to expand on what we have because dogs are our top priority.”


All Breed cares so much about dogs of all breeds. From big to small, and young to old. They are always working toward their goals, with the help of their staff and volunteers. They truly are making the world a better place with the work that they do.

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