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feature story How does a death impact a person

the affect of a death in a person life

Feature Article, how does a death impact a person

Sources: https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/grief-loss   https://www.mhanational.org/bereavement-and-grief

A death can impact a person hitting them with stomach pain, to even loss of appetite, intestinal upsets, sleep disturbances and loss of energy. All leading to a common symptom of acute grief. Of life being already stressful, a death can put on your natural defense systems.  With existing illnesses that can worsen, even new conditions can develop. Added with emotional reactions may occur. One of the major things is grief. Grief often involves intense sadness, leading to a feeling of shock and ‘numbness’ to even denial and anger. Another part of the article retelling “People find that grief lessens with time.” For that the person who loses a loved one, may always carry that sadness to even missing the person that has passed on. People can find meaning and are able to experience happiness. Over time people find wisdom and strength after a death. Another effect, it can make you feel overwhelmed as the thought of their name pops in. Death  has the ability of mourning making it painful to cope?

Things referring from the article “Greif is exhausting, that may weaken the immune system.” Allowing colds and other illnesses to enter easily. Greif affects the emotions. Citing the article “people might feel or act differently to usual when they are grieving.” Leading to it being hard with concentrating as well withdraw to not being able to find that passion of work. Citing the article “they may drink, smoke, or use drugs.” Thoughts in your head might lead you to damage yourself or affect you negatively, in thinking you cannot do it. With no motivation to execute anything. Retelling the article coping a loss “these affects are normal to happen to your emotions, the experience can have you in “denial, disbelief, confusion, shock, sadness, yearning, anger, despair, Guilt.” Mourning a loved one is best to accept the loss. For less stress later. Restating the article to best express is including “religious tradition honoring the dead. Or a greater of friends and family to share loss.” Mourning is personal to leading you to think of this person for years or days. Allow yourself to express your emotion, to not damage yourself. Stating in the article “These feeling is healthy and appropriate and will help you come to term with your loss.” It takes time to heal, as well as to get rid of most of these effects.  Some profound emotional reactions may occur.

like anxiety attacks, chronic fatigue, depression, to thoughts on suicide, toward being obsession with the deceased. Major part that plays stating in the article “Your reaction is influenced by the circumstances of a death.”  It is also influenced by how well you knew the person that passed on. If you are living with any grief, you need to cope with your pain before you drag yourself down in a slump. What it is telling in the article “Seek out caring people.” To express your feelings, along with taking care of your health. Seeking better mental health, before damaging yourself. Reciting what the article says “Accept that life is for the living” Toward “Postpone major life change.” To being patient. If you need to help someone that is in grief. Reciting in the article to “share the sorrow” “leading to, do not offer false comfort.” reciting what article said Add “encourage professional help that is necessary” If a child has grieved. You need to talk to them in a manner that is well understood. No stress, good comfort knowing everything is going to be all right for the child. Lead a professional standard, to show everything is going to be fine. Making sure the child is cared for, after the loss of someone. Be patient with the child for they have gone through some things. If you have anything to express to a child of loss. Do add it, show you came out of what they are going in into. Putting the child’s mind  at eases make it much better for them comp with life.

Death impacts people in major ways. It is leading to you on how you accept this death that has happen to you.

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