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What Society Does

Brooklyn Sanchez
What Society Does

Society (Other words people and the internet) has expectations and stereotypes when it comes to Gender roles. This topic started because I’ve seen women be gender rolled by men and I have been one of those girls. I think that it is unnecessary to tell women that they can’t do the same thing as a man or that men are just people who have one priority and that’s to be strong physically and mentally. When society started to express the feelings of men being physically stronger or that women can’t do what men do and, so it made me think why? Society brings gender labels and puts insecurities, and expectations on men and women. Has this country really tried to make things equal for both genders?  

Men are just simpler and don’t have to worry about what society brings women. They don’t have to worry about being harassed or being in danger when walking alone on the street day or night. The roles of men were always to be a leader and protector. World for men, there is often lots of pressure to be strong, and tough, and to not show emotion. They are expected to be in charge.   

On the other hand, women are expected to be nurturing, loving, the caretaker, and I think that it is important to know that these are just societal expectations, and everyone should just be free to do whatever they want whenever or however they want. Things shouldn’t have to matter because of gender and that is a big part of why people these days have the issues and the insecurities they have. It’s just society has historically placed more emphasis and categorized women based on their roles and appearance and same goes for men. Have people put labels on themselves because they have the choice to be different? The feelings that people get from society are different from everyone, but everyone has something that they are getting from society. Like the feeling of having to be different because it’s a choice now whether you want to be different or be the same as other people. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use labels like trans, nonbinary, trans feminine, bigender, demi-boy, genderfluid and they/them etc. I just think those are stupid, if you’re a man you’re a man and if you’re a woman you’re a woman. Simple as that.  

I also think it’s just important to understand both men and women have this label problem from society and face the pressure and expectations that limits their freedom and confidence to do what they love to do as a person. Women can do the same things as men and men can do the same things as women. There are no limits to what we can do and succeed in because of gender. Women can pursue any career and make their own choices just like men.  

It’s all about not caring about what society has to offer and simply “Do you?”. It’s about breaking it all down and embracing equality. Society like other people and internet doesn’t just give labels it just causes all these problems between men and women. Insecure people who hate opposite gender try to project all their problems onto the opposite gender, causing men and women to hate each other. Men and Women are objectivity not the same but doesn’t mean we have to be labeled so different in society. We are supposed to get along and do what we want to do as individual human beings. Society shouldn’t have a big part in what us individuals do.  


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