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Day of the Dead


The Day of The Dead is a celebration where people commemorate their friends and family that have passed away.  The Day of The Dead is a two-day celebration and both days are the for the same reason just for different people. November 1st is for Día De Los Angelitos which is for the children that have passed known as the angels. November 2nd is for Dia De Los Difuntios. Which is for older people Grandparents, Great aunt, and uncles. In Mexico City the capital of Mexico is where most people travel to celebrate because there is so many festivals going on. There is food, music. Different bands go to play for peoples loved ones. My mom said, “The food I leave out for your grandpa is usually beer, bread, and candy was of the couple of the things he loved and enjoyed eating” Everyone does it different it just depends on the person and where they live. There is a traditional bread called pan de Muertos is basically bread with a sugary layer on top and this bread is specifically made for your pass loved ones. The purpose of this bread is basically an ofernda for them to show your honor, to reminisce about, and feed your loved one. Crossing over on Día de los Muertos they do this because of their culture and to remember their past loved ones. The celebration is full of symbols and decoration. The purpose of the day of the dead is a heart-warming time to help people remember their loved ones that have passed away. My mom said, “When my dad passed this day was a great way to connect with him again.”

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