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Daylight Savings Time: Is it useful?

Photo taken by Eric Siemens

         Daylight Savings time comes and goes every year. On March 10th, 2024, the clock will shoot forward one hour taking away an hour. The time goes forward one hour and moves back one hour. You gain one hour of sleep or lose one hour of sleep. It is a topic every time it comes around, and everyone must change their clocks. But how useful is Daylight Savings Times?  
                     First of all, Daylight Savings Time was supposedly created to help farmers. But that is just a myth related to the topic. The real reason was during World War One, Germany created this to conserve coal energy. The United States 2 years later in 1918 implemented their own version. Many farmers are against daylight saving time because it gives them less time for hands-on work with earlier nights and less daytime. Right now, the United States also do not have to worry about any energy crisis anymore.  It is also costly year around. An estimate of $1.5 billion (about $5 per person in the US) dollars are spent every year for several reasons with DST. Another reason is the impact it has on our health. In 2006, Kazakhstan removed daylight saving’s time citing health reasons for the reason of removing it. 2 different studies from Sweden in 2008 and Washington University in 2017 back these claims. Sweden found that heart attacks had an increased chance of happening during the first 3 weeks of the spring daylight saving’s transition. Whilst Washington university found that judges of the court tended to give out harsher punishments on its suspects after daylight saving’s time transitions. But the fact is that DST does save energy and was the reason for its creation. If it is doing that correctly, why get rid of it? Despite the reasons above all being valid points of getting rid of it, many countries are shifting away from this and keeping one year-round schedule. It helps so many people keep to one schedule and would solve problems that we do not need to be having. Even if it saves energy, it is worth all the cost, inconvenience, and health problems. Recently in the US, 12 US Senators pushed the Sunshine Protection act. Backed by members of both parties it is set to hit the house floors soon. We could see the end of Daylight Saving’s time and more sun for everyone with longer, sunny days.  

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Eric Siemens
Eric Siemens, Staff Writer
Hello! This is Eric, and he is a junior at Palmer High School This is his third year attending Palmer, and journalism is always something that has caught his eye. He loves reading books and articles by other artists. He attended summer camp and becoming a counselor in training was an amazing experience he got to enjoy. He enjoys watching a variety of sports including football, basketball, and soccer. Advocation is something he does feel strongly about and having an opportunity to express his feelings on topics with journalism is a pleasure.

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