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OverCross- Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins (Early Concept)


Created by Bensiam6397ChibiRobo

Art by Skyline The Porcupine

Character Designs by Trinity Bella

Script by Kyra Bass

Rough Draft by Bensiam6397ChibiRobo


Chapter 1- The Adventure Begins



In 1963, the war against the great Gashadokuro began! Our Brave soldiers struggle to defeat the colossal skeleton, but wait, is that… Beggi! The mightiest being to ever live!


*Whole scene goes dark*


Narrator: A wise boy. A boy who lost his father once said, “Do you think even the worst person can change? And that everyone can be a good person if they just try!”


Narrator: This is a tale of a boy, a boy, and his quest to adventure!


*Queuing the intro to Overtowne*


Narrator: Overtowne! A world from another Universe, but you see, it’s not about this world, it’s about my son.


Green Boy: I’mm ready! X2


Narrator: This is Bensiam6397! Or Ben for short, and I know but his father gave him that name.


*Ben run down the hallway*


Bensiam6397: Hey Papaw?


Papaw Silver: Holly sweet peaches!!!


*Throws Pan out the window*


Mail Man: Hmm, I wonder whose mail this is?


*Gets hit by pan*




*Silver and Ben Looked out the windows*


Bensiam6397: *Nervous Chuckles*


Bensiam6397: Anyway’s. Papa, is my lunch ready?


Silver: Do I look like a sandwich maker to you? I’m not your wife, I’m your grandpa! Yes. It’s ready.


Ben: Yo hoo! Thanks papa. 


-Ben runs out of the apartment as fast as he could, but before he could make it out the door, Papa grabbed his tail-


Silver: Forgetting something?


Ben: No?


Silver: Oh for god’s sake, your beanie child!


Ben: Oh!


-He runs back and forth, looking for his beanie-


Ben: Thanks!


-He pats Silver on his head, putting his beanie on as he exits the apartment-


Silver: BOY! I know you didn’t just pet me like a cat!


Mailman: Where did that boy come from? Why is there a pan next to me? My head hurts.


-Ben runs highspeed past the mailman. Mailman looks down, noticing his clothes have been completely removed-


Silver: What are you doing in the middle of my yard naked??!


-Ben reaches the bus stop with time to spare-


Ben (exhausted relief): Oh thank god.


-He spots the bus leaving. He snaps his fingers-


Ben: Aw nuts.


-He runs after the bus-


Narrator: This is where it all began. The greatest adventure of the century




-Later at the Bogoku J High. Ben bursts into the front doors, screaming-


Ben: AM I LATE?!


-Everyone in the halls looks at Ben, weirded out-


Ben: Ohhh…I’m not.


Screech: Hey you over there!


Ben: Uh oh.


-He hears someone walking down the hall in high heels-


Screech: Are you Bensiam6397?


Ben: Yes, sir? I mean ma’am!!


Screech: Oh thank god, I was looking everywhere for you.


Ben: y-you have?


Screech: Yeah pretty much


Ben: Huh? Huh. So are you gonna show me around




Ben: Then who is?


-later a classroom number 11-


School announcement: Loosey Fur Wolf, Antonio. Please come up to the principal’s office.


Ant: Did we do something wrong?


-Later at the principal’s office-


Loosey: So…why are we here?


Ant: Did we do something wrong?


Mole: No no no! Nothing at all!


Loosey: Oh! Then why did you call us?


Mole: Because of him.


-All look to their left, to the window, to wall, at outside the principal’s office at Ben, who waves-


Ben: Hello!


Ant: Who’s the short stack?


Mole: That short stack is Bensiam6397.


Loosey: Bensiam?


Ant: Burrito? 6397? Please don’t tell me that’s his real name!


Mole: It’s his real name. As real as my mama’s flapjacks


Loosey: Please don’t tell me you called us up to show him around?


Mole: I did.


-Both Loosey and Ant exit the room-


Ant: *sigh* Hello Bensiam6397, I’m Antonio, and my beautiful ex-woman here is Loosey-fur.


Ben: Hey, uhh. You said my name wrong?


Ant: What do you mean?


Ben: It’s Bensi-AM, not Bensiam.


Ant: Okay, can I call you burrito, or Benny boi, either one works for me, what about you?


Ben: Sure?


Ant: Okay, burrito.


Ben: That’s good enough for me. Hello Antonio, hello Loosey-fur Wolf.


Loosey: Hehe, don’t call me by my full name.


Ben: Then what should I call you?


Loosey: Call me Loosey, for short.


Ben: Okay, Loosey, you can call me Ben for short.


Loosey: Okay Ben, I have to say that’s a cute name.


Ben: Really?


Ant: No, you doink.


Ben: Hey!


-The bell rings and everyone’s out the door-


Ben: Hey Loosey, Antonio, do you want to hang out?


Ant: Sorry Burrito, we’re busy.


Loosey: no we’re not!


Ben: Oh nice, well then see you later?


Ant: Wait, burrito, before we go, I have to pick up my brother.


Ben: Okay, I’ll just go with you guys




-Everyone walks to the Doc street-


Loosey: So Ben, what brings you Overtown


Ben: Well I moved here. Bunny Hills, to here.


Ant: Do you have parents? Or friends for that matter?


Ben: Uh yeah, I have a mom, dad, and a great grandpa. Well here, I live with my great grandfather.


-All Stop walking because Antonio pauses-


Ant: Why?


Ben: Well my mom said she was finding my dad.


Ant: Oh so she’s just willing to find to your dad


Ben: Wha?


Loosey: Hey dude, chill out.


Ben: C’mon guys, let’s keep moving. What’s his problem


Loosey: It’s complicated. Anyways, I like the things you’re wearing.


Ant: Are you freaking kidding me? You just freaking started complimenting his clothes after a minute or two?


Loosey: *groans* See!? This is why we broke up!


Ant: Don’t remind me.


Ben: Wait, hold the phone, you two were a couple?


Ant + Loosey: yes.


Ant: Anyway, we’re here.


Ben: Who’s house is this?


Sailor Boy: Yaarg! That be ours.


-Everyone looks on the roof-


SB: Arrg let’s tackle the short scallywag! 


Ben: Scallywag!?


-SB BK jump off the roof to tackle Ben. Ben moves out of the way, the twins splat of the floor-


BK: Why did you move out of the way?! OW!


Ben: So I wouldn’t get tackled. DUH!


Turtle: Don’t worry pals! I got your backs!


-MT jumps and falls on the twins


SB: Hey! What gives?


Turtle: Sorry, I thought I could make the jump.


Ant: Seriously guys?!


Turtle: Oh hey Loosey, Ant, and- who’s this?


Loosey: I’d like to introduce you to Bensiam6397, or Ben for short.


Ben: Hewwo!


SB: Who? That short stack?


Ant: Yep, pretty much.


Loosey: ANTONIO!


SB + Turtle: hahahahahahahahaha


Ben: Hey! Who are you calling a short stack


Turtle: You! You shorty!


Loosey: Oh ignore him, he’s laughing because he peed himself.


Turtle: W-who told you that?!


Ant: Wow Turtle, I would say you shelled yourself, if you know what I mean.


-moments of silence-


Ben: Oh I get it! Because he peed himself in his shell, hahahaha, comedy.


-Scene goes dark-


Narrator: The young boy has stumbled upon new friends and asked them to visit.


Ben: Alright everyone, this is where I live!


-Everyone looks to the top of a towering building, craning their necks-


BK: So you uhh live uhh in the elderly apartment huh?

Ben: Yeah, pretty much


Loosey: Whooo!


Ant: Shut up


-Loosey punches Antonio in the arm-


Ant: Owww.


Turtle: Who do you live with again?


Ant: Probably him


Silver: Hey there sonny boy, how was school


-Mr. Turtle’s realization-


Turtle: What the freak??! Is that sergeant Andrew Silver?


Ant: Sergeant who now?


Turtle: Sergeant Andrew Silver, one of the guys who fought in the Undertale war!


Loosey: You mean underworld?


Turtle: Did I say undertale?


-Everyone nods-


Turtle: ohh


Ben: Well he doesn’t go by that anymore.


Silver: I go by papa silver now.


Turtle: A tomato!?


Silver: w-what?


Turtle: My bad, my mind was on something else. PAPA?!!


Silver: Yeah, I’m a great grandfather now. I see you made new friends sonny boy.


Ant: Actually we’re-


-Loosey slaps Antonio’s mouth-


Loosey: Yeah! We’re his friends.


-Ben smiles at Loosey as a thanks-


Silver: That’s good to hear. You should show your friends what you’re doing.


Ant: Yeah burrito, what do you do?


-Later in the apartment, Ben starts playing Pac man 3-


Ant: What the heck is this?


Ben: Pac man world 3


Loosey: Wow I take it you prefer the older councils right?


Ben: Yeah pretty much


Ant: Yeah, that’s pretty great and all. Loosey, can I talk to you in private?


-Later in the kitchen-


Loosey: What the crap do you want?


Ant: Loosey, I don’t like it here.


Loosey: What do you mean?


Ant: It’s the kid. I don’t like him!


Loosey: Don’t say that, you’re going to regret that!


Ant: But Loosey, he’s like seven years old!


Ben: Hey! I’m actually fifteen


-Loosey and Antonio turn to the left-


Ant: Crap.


Ben: So you’ve been hating me, ever since I got here?


Ant: Burrito! It’s not what it looks like! I’m screwed aren’t I?


-Ben dashes out of the house in tears. Both Ant and Loosey dash after him-


Ant: Wow. He’s fast.


-Scene goes dark. Later in the alley way-


Ben: *sniffles* This is exactly how I was treated back at home.


Ant: Huh?


-back at the apartment-


SB: ARgh this be a disaster


Ant: since when did you three give a heck about him


Turtle: He hasn’t told you?


Loosey: Told us what?


BK: Yeah so he told us about how he wasn’t treated with respect.


Ant: Did he have any friends?


Turtle: What part of everyone hated him did you not get?


Loosey: Forget it, he doesn’t care. He never cares.


-Everyone leaves to find Ben, expect for Antonio-


Narrator: As the boy wondered to himself, what is going to do now?


-Later at the same alley-


Turtle: Why are we at the most obvious place ever?


Loosey: Because this is the most obvious place.


BK: Oh jeez I have a bad feeling about this…


SB: You always do.


Loosey: Guys, look.


-everyone climbs up the fence-


Loosey: Oh no


-three criminals laughing-


Crazy: Hehehe Ohhh! I’ve been waiting for this moment


Scar: Hh no you’re not. We have to take him to the boss.


Crazy: Ok ok. Then I eat his LIVER!


Punchback: Are you crazy? He doesn’t have a liver.


Ben: Who told you that?! And why am I in a net?!


Punchback: Because you are literally the same size as pinocchio 




-The crooks continue laughing-


SB: Argh, this be a disaster.


-The whole scene goes dark-


Narrator: As the three demons were chuckling, the four brave teens figure a way to save Ben.


Turtle: SO. What’s the plan?


BK: Did you not realize Loosey left  seconds ago




Punchback: The heck? You two, with me.


Scars: What about the kid?


PB: Ehh he’ll be fine. Not like he’s gonna escape.


-The three demons leave. Loosey jumps out of nowhere-


Ben: Loosey! Boy am I glad to see you!


Loosey: I am so confused on how they were able to fit you in this net…


PB: Uhh huhh.


-Loosey turns to the left-


Loosey: CRAP


-The crooks take everyone hostage-


-Earlier at the apartment. Antonio sulks. Papa Silver walks into the living room where Ant’s sulking-

Silver: Hey there kiddo, what’s wrong?


Ant: I don’t want to talk about it.


SIlver: That’s fine by me.


-Silver starts leaving the room, but pauses-


Ant: Have you ever lost someone you’ve loved?


Silver: Kid, I have to be honest, I’ve lost so many people I’ve loved and cared about.


-He looks at the family portrait-


Silver: Who did you lose?


-Ant inhales and exhales-


Ant: Well, I had a dad. And he was one of the greatest! He taught me how to play catch, and told me to always stay positive. He was a scientist.


-Ant sniffles-


Ant: He had a test run going on, and it wasn’t going how it was planned. I lost my dad to that test run. I lost him forever. His final words were, “do you think even the worst person can change, and that everyone could be a good person if they try?” 


Silver: That’s a good saying.


Ant: After that, I felt depressed. I-I never felt the same.


-He puts his hand on his face, he starts crying. He sniffles, and sighs-


Ant: I screwed up. First, I lost my dad. Second, I lost my girlfriend. Everything I touch ends up leaving! And now I pushed away someone who only wanted…a friend.


Silver: Heh, you know, you kinda remind me of Ben.


Ant: W-what?


Silver: Yeah, he was like that when the other bunnies picked on him.


Ant: Bunnies?


Silver: He hasn’t told you? He’s half rabbit. That’s why he moved here. To have a better life, with people like him.


-Antonio’s realization-


Ant: What have I done…? I gotta go!


-Ant dashes to the door-


Ant: Hey. Thanks for the pep talk.


Silver: Don’t mention it.


-Antonio runs out of the house. Silver chuckles-


Silver: Kids.


Loosey: How’d you guys get caught so easily?


Turtle: How the freak am I supposed to know?


BK: Well it’s not because of any one person, but uhh not to name names…it was shellhead over here!


Turtle: How the freak was I supposed to know!


BK: Maybe if you shut your yap, we wouldn’t have gotten caught 


PB: Wow you guys are so stupid for thinking that you could save your friend. You stupid punks, you can’t stop us, we’re invincible!!!


Turtle: yeah uhh could I get some lunch? *go crazy with it*




-He gets shot by a plasma beam and looks like a crispy fry-


PB: *screaming at the top of his lungs*


-Everyone looks to their side-


Loosey: ANTONIO?


-Meglovania starts playing’–I don’t get paid enough for this >:(-


Ant: SUP.



-Epic fight scene, Ant dodges attacks and beats them up-


[Knockout sound effect]


Ant: Get dunked on you criminal scum


Turtle: Wow Ant! That was awesome!


Ant: Thanks.


Loosey: Why’d you bother coming?


Ant: *sigh* I have a lot of apologizing to do. Burrito, I’m sorry- I also had a bad past. I…lost my dad too.


Ben: R-really?


Ant: Yeah, pretty much.


Ben: Why didn’t you tell me?


Ant: That’s because…we weren’t friends.


Ben: Well, do you want to?


Ant: Sure, why not.


-Both shake hands-


Loosey: I’m proud of you two.


SB: Argh! Where the heck are the crooks?!




Ant + Ben: eh, I ain’t too worried about it


Narrator: What do you think will happen next? Oh, I know, but that’s a story for another day.





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