Staff Interview: World Languages Department Chair, Alison Eustice


Ian Schriener, Author

Alison Eustice, Department Chair of the World Languages Department as well as a language teacher at Palmer High School, was recently interviewed so that readers of the Lever can learn about her position and how she can help students with their studies, as well as how she got to Palmer and what she enjoys about it.
As a teacher, she instructs and helps students in her classes and keeps her students’ success in her best interests. As a Word Languages Department Chair, her role is more aimed towards adults and teachers and to advocate for the Word Languages Department at both meetings and to the administration. She enjoys helping kids above most of her other duties, but also feels that teachers need a voice and is more than happy to do that for her colleagues. So, for students seeking help in either choosing a language or help in either Spanish or French, Ali Eustice is available in room 300.
When questioned about her favorite thing about Palmer, Mrs. Eustice said that she really likes the diversity at Palmer and that it ties into her job as a world language teacher since she enjoys and appreciates different cultures, backgrounds, peoples, traditions, and the belief that everyone has a contribution that they can give to the world.
In terms of experience, Mrs. Eustice has been a teacher for 24 years total. She spent three years at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High, seven years at Colorado Springs School, and 14 at Palmer. She teaches Spanish and French at Palmer and, much like most students, learned them in middle and high school before going abroad to Spain for year and improving her French at university.

Alison Eustice loves helping kids and, having a teenage son of her own, understands what high school life can be like for them. She’s understanding of kids’ problems and will fight for the rights of her colleagues and students. She starting a club called Students in Action with her son, Ian. She serves as a role model to students and staff alike and shows her Palmer spirit in all that she does.