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Ian Schriener

Ian Schriener, Editor, Lever Monthly

"We're not just our failures. As much as they hurt, we learn from them. Then we go out there and do our best to make up for them, even though we never will." - Spider-Man

Ian Schriener was born and raised in Colorado. He’s a sophomore and a member of the cross-country team at Palmer High School and serves as the editor for the Palmer Lever. Ian has a history of political and social activism. In addition, he’s also a ginormous comic and media nerd, and thus has come to enjoy writing, drawing, music, and video games. Ian is also a member of the Boy Scouts of America, and thus believes in notions of kindness, lending a helping hand, and that everyone deserves to be appreciated and valued, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, gender, or nationality. 

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