Saint Baldrick’s Day


Saint Baldrick’s day is a fundraiser that takes place around mid-March where volunteers shave their heads and donate to cancer research. The funds raised are used to speed up the search for cures and will contribute to progress in the field.

According to the main organizer of the Palmer event, Robert Gilliam, Palmer High School has done the Saint Baldrick’s Day celebration for 17 years since 2007, with a few years being exempt due to Covid. During the event, a team is made, going by the name of the Bald Terrors, and arrives at the event. The event was originally organized by a student by the name of Luke Ballweber, Class of 2007, whose sister had cancer.  Luke encouraged his friends, as well as Mr. Gilliam, to shave for his sister, which sparked the tradition of the event and thus it was carried on throughout Palmer History to the present day.

At this year’s Saint Baldrick’s Day event, which takes place March 19th, people shave their heads in honor of children and other individuals who have lost their hair during chemotherapy. Money is raised either through pure donation or money raised for people to shave. On average, $7000 is raised every year and overall, Palmer has raised $110,000. The current money goal for this year’s Saint Baldrick’s Day event, is a minimum of $5000 dollars. Palmer student Connor Strange will help Mr. Gilliam organize the event this year.

The personal impact of this event is significant as well.  In the past, attendees have shaved in honor of Palmer students and staff, in addition to student and staff relatives. However, despite the serious subject and purpose behind the meeting, that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Mr. Gilliam stated that his favorite aspect of the event is the motive and dedication behind the movement and he encourages others to join in, saying, “All are welcome to join the Bald Terrors now or in future years, or support the students that are participating. And while the fundraising and the shaving have very serious purposes, it’s also a very fun event to see people in our community, children and adults, shaving, raising money, and having fun.”

The intent of the Saint Baldrick’s Day event is to encourage members of the community to help join in the effort to benefit cancer research so that we may one day find a cure for it. So, go out and spread the news to your friends and show up at the event to help support the hundreds of thousands of cancer victims and to ensure a brighter future for all.