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  • Sep.26th Volleyball game VS Harrison (V: 6:00 JV: 5:00 C: 4:00) in the main gym


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Auhndre Salinas

Auhndre Salinas, Staff Writer

“Do it one day, or do it day one."

Auhndre Salinas is a first-year student as of 2023, graduating with the class of 2027, and a member of the William J. Palmer High School football team. Playing football was his dream since the age of 8 when he saw his friends play it in school often. He is experienced in multiple sports, photography, and a few instruments including clarinet, trumpet, bass guitar. He has a dream to either participate in college football or pursue being a news reporter with his partner who has a goal to become a photographer. He found the one person who always makes him happy, and he always makes her happy. Auhndre excels at math. Forty percent of the time he is being lazy in class, 40% overachieving and 20% just simply doing what he was told. Having an older brother taught him that no matter how annoying, no matter dangerously stupid, family will always be in the top 2 priorities. Planning to stay at Palmer for all 4 years of high school, he hopes to participate in baseball and wrestling as well.

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