Struggling Famlies Need Your Help!


Do you know the experience of what it’s like to just barely scrape by month to month? I can tell from my firsthand experience it’s not pleasant. Watching my parents struggle to pay bills and provide food for my family wasn’t exactly a ‘fun’ experience; it’s quite the opposite. And I’m not alone. According to HungerFree Colorado, 33% of Coloradans can’t get nutritious food. That’s 1 in 3 people. Sixteen perce

nt of children aren’t getting adequate nutrition. That’s almost 2 in 10 children. If these numbers seem high to you, there is something you can do. Palmer’s Care and Share food drive will begin October 4th and end November 15th. This drive will help low income families provide meals for themselves. These meals donated by people who can afford it make life all the better. To eat well for even a single night is worth so much for these struggling households. Little things like this can grow their determination and hope for

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the future. Even just donating a can of peas or corn, or even just a box of cake mix, can mean the world and help so may others like you wouldn’t believe. That ordinary cake mix to you might be a feast to little kids who grew up like me. You can also donate cash! Every dollar donated is equivalent to ten pounds of food. It doesn’t take much to donate so if you can I highly encourage you to. Food will be collected in your 7th period classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting October 4th.  I want to thank all of you who will donate in advance, you are truly helping out our community.