Liberty & Emancipation of Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is honoring its Emancipation Day on March 22nd. It is an especially important day because this is when Puerto Rico was released from slavery by Spain. Slavery lasted for almost 350 years on the island. Ways to celebrate this day are having parties, dancing, etc.

This is not just about the past though. Since Puerto Rico is a territory in the United States it is not considered a state. If they were to gain their freedom, then they could become a country with a functioning government. There would still be aid from the U.S. in some support although.

The U.S. is proposing a bill to the Senate that would make the territory a state. This bill is called H.R. 856. Some people from the island do want Puerto Rico to become a state. Times Magazine states “In a 2020 referendum, 53% of Puerto Ricans voted for the island to become a state.”  Statehood would mean their existing government would become a state government, and they would be subject to Federal law.

This may lead to the removal of culture. If Puerto Rico becomes a state, then there will be an official statement making English the island’s official language. At “” says, “The possible establishment of an English language requirement could create a cultural crisis for Puerto Ricans, who neither teach it as an official language in school nor use it daily.” This shows how this could create a rift between American Culture and Puerto Rican Culture. The real question is would that be going back into slavery and not keeping their independence?

This is only one of the few stances Puerto Rico can take politically. For more information, visit

Although this is a pressing matter it is best not to forget to celebrate the liberation of Puerto Rico.